DS Catalogue

The DS Catalogue is an official alternative to iOS App Store and Android Google Play. Here you can find several ways to promote your brand or services and give your target audience entertaining and useful games and applications. We work with operators, content providers, app developers and independent or commercial portals. The DS Catalogue is the white-label solution of our iOS and Android portal for carriers and partners who want to launch their own HTML5 games and apps. It is fully customized for any preferences, as a result our solutions are adaptable to every mobile site owner needs and desire. It is designed to make the delivery of applications easy for any third parties that want their own brand or want to populate their app store with more apps. We offer more than 500 games and apps and different kind of business models.

See the following example.
HTML5 games portal
Game Loading
HTML5 games portal
HTML5 games portal
Choosing our DS Catalogue means you have the assurance of earnings and high visibility of your brand!

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